What are the weaknesses of the existence of Pond for Fish at home?

For those of you who have a pond for fish at home, of course you will unknowingly get some weaknesses that you have never thought to the existence of fish pond you have. Of course, the weaknesses you get are not only unlucky for yourself, but also for others. In addition, the weaknesses obtained are divided into several aspects, can be both material and non-material aspects because the pond which you have at home wouldn’t guarantee if its existence is liked by some of people at your home or also for people the outside. This loss can be avoided in a way to remove or dismantle the pond into its original form by planting all layers of soil and replacing it with new plants.

The disadvantage of the non material things that comes from the existence of the pond for fish in your home is very likely the occurrence of a small accident that can make some members of your family injured or may include you. Because, a pond is very identical to the water where the water is slippery and it is possible for someone to fall and slip to make the limbs hurt. So, keep in mind about the safety of this in your home, especially for all members of your family, especially children.

While the losses obtained in terms of material is your expenses are too much to make you feel wasteful. Why? Because, a pond for fish that you have especially for those who maintain some ornamental fish will be very likely to buy some feed or other fish needs with the amount that is not small. As already known, ornamental fish have a high value and of course in the maintenance problem also requires the same cost, that is not a bit like maintaining other fish.

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