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Determining the Best Dog Food for Your Boxer

Perhaps you have decided to bring a new furry friend into your family, and you are thinking about how best to provide for your pet. When determining how to give your dog the best life, it’s necessary to be certain they have the best diet possible. Boxers are great family dogs, and they also have special considerations when it comes to what they eat. There is a great deal of selection in dog foods, but there are certain qualities best for boxers.

Boxers are one of the most active dog breeds. Boxers tend to not become lazier with age, and need to maintain regular walks and exercise to stay out of trouble. In order to have the energy and strength to run and play, there are certain dietary needs that boxers have specifically. Think about what humans who like to exercise eat, and the needs are actually similar for a boxer dog. The number one ingredient in many dog foods is some type of grain, but this isn’t ideal for boxers because of their protein needs. This will help their active muscles and give them the calories they need to support their activity level.

Nutrients that support joint and bone health, such as calcium, are also needed in boxer dog food. Boxers spend a lot of their life bouncing on their legs, so it’s necessary to provide the best nutrition to help build strong bones. It’s important for their health that their bones and joints are strong to avoid health problems later on in their life.
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One last thing to think about is food allergies that commonly occur with boxers. Food allergies are more common in boxers than in other breeds, and these allergies can cause things like upset of the digestive system or skin irritations. One of the ingredients that causes these problems most commonly is wheat, which many lower-end dog foods have as one of their first ingredients. It’s important to note that some boxers are even allergic to certain types of meat as well. Because the food allergies may differ from dog to dog, it may be a process to find the food that works best with your specific dog’s digestive system, but it is worth the process to find what support’s your dog’s system and health the very best.
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If you’ve chosen a boxer as your new life companion, it’s good to be fully educated on their dietary needs, from high protein, to bone support. Giving them the best nutrition is the perfect way to be certain they will live a great life for many years to come.

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