Four Recommended Method for T Shirt Printing

Creating your own t-shirt is very tempting nowadays, thanks to the rapid development of technology. In this article, we will give you brief information regarding some printing method you can use to create a custom shirt by yourself.

Here are the explanation of several t shirt printing method you can apply at your home.

  • Screen printing: using this printing technique, the design you have created will be exposed on a silkscreen is placed on the t-shirt and the ink that is dragged over it will go through the holes within the screen where the design is, through the shirt. This method offers a long-lasting and awesome quality. Despite its quality, the efforts are quite big and time consuming, especially by if you do it yourself. An expert help can be pretty expensive for small order.
  • Transfer printing: this technique transfers a design from a medium to other medium, generating a permanent result. It can be done via inkjet transfer, heat transfer, or laser transfer. This method can be considered as the easiest printing method to do. It is also suitable for complicated designs and more convenient for customers due to its flexibility in customization. However, the result is less durable and depends on the quality and the color of the fiber.
  • Direct-to-shirt method: using this method, purchasing a specific printer is needed so that you are able to print the design onto your clothes directly. The advantage of this technique is the good printing quality due to the absence of transfer process and the designs are not limited, which means you can print everything. However, it can be pretty expensive if you want to do it by yourself and it is suggested to let a big company do it for you.
  • Embroidery: compared to other technique, this method is actually not considered as printing technique. This technique commonly stitches the logo or design on the custom t-shirt. The results of this technique are highly durable. It is also more efficient for larger patterns and suitable for polo shirt printing or a more formal design. However, the quality depends on the fabric quality and can be difficult to do, especially for complex patterns.

Those are several the elaboration of some printing method you can use to create your own custom tee. Before choosing the method, make sure to know what you want and what you need to avoid any disappointment afterwards.