Facts About Semarang: Religious and Historical City

Semarang, Indonesia, is a capital city in one of Indonesia Province, Central Java. If you do not know it better, you might think that this city is not as attractive as its neighbor, Yogyakarta. However, if you have spent few times or days in this city, you will find more facts about Semarang, like thinking that this city has so many hidden charms. Many traditional cultures of this city are influenced by Dutch and Chinese immigrants. It makes that the city is like a melting pot with various different cultures in it which influences the architecture building and the dishes. Essentially, this city is divided into two areas; Semarang Atas and Semarang Bawah. Semarang Atas is in the south area from central city which is located on Mount Ungaran foothills. Therefore, you can get cooler weather in this area and make this area is the right place to stay away from the heat. Semarang Bawah is the city’s heart where busy daily life exists in Semarang. There is Old Town (Kota Lama) where the colonial architecture is found.

There are some interesting facts about Semarang which can attract you to come to this city. Two of them are it is a city with the religious and historical wealth. In this list, you may find something interesting about Semarang and make it your next destination place.

  • Gedong Songo Temple. It is a heritage from 8th Century. It was built in the age of Sanjaya Dynasty. This temple was discovered firstly by Dutch. Since the name is Gedong Songo (nine buildings), this temple actually had nine structures but it only five structures standing today.
  • Sam Poo Kong Temple. This was a cave in 18th century and was covered well by the landslide. Then, local people built the shrine there to honor Admiral Cheng Ho. Some people also called this temple as Gedong Batu. It is an oldest Chinese temple which is now used as worship place.
  • Lawang Sewu. This is the most popular place in Semarang. Lawang Sewu (translates: thousand doors) is an ancient building which was built greatly in 1904. Lawang Sewu was used as the Dutch colonies office of Railway Company. This building is named with Lawang Sewu since the it has so many doors. The mystical atmosphere in this building is really strong with the magnificent antique architecture. There, you can find basement which was used as prison.
  • Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong. It is the tallest pagoda which exists in Indonesia. It has the height more than 45 meters. This building is famous for its beauty and uniqueness.

Still, there are so many buildings in Semarang which has the value of historic and religious points. The real facts about Semarang that you should not forget are it has the unique yet antique buildings ever. There are many other attractions you can find in this city that ensure you to enjoy the traditional life there. If you like a place which rich with cultures, then this city in Central Java might be the right place for you to visit.


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