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Aeration of is a Must for a Healthy Lawn

Aeration is defined as the procedure in which air is allowed to circulate, mixed, or dissolved in any substance. This could be in different varieties namely aeration in water, aeration in food items, and a lot more. Nonetheless, this document will only tackle doing soil aeration as a method for lawn preservation. Read more about it in the succeeding paragraphs.

Anyone who has a lawn may be aware that proper care may include enough water and mowing, but little they know aeration is equally important. Generally, aeration in soil would indicate to create slots to enable motion of air, water, and nutrients that will completely be absorbed in the roots. When accomplished in the right way, the roots can grow healthy and ultimately, a providing good health for the lawn.

Why Should the Soil/Lawn Undergo Aeration?

Your lawn must be regularly aerated from various reasons. Nevertheless, the primary explanation for this is to prevent and deal with compaction. As an info., compacted soil like to occur place of high traffic and when you have a clay soil. A compacted soil prevents nutrients, water, and other significant factors of a healthy grass to go through the roots and when this a solution is not carried out, the grass may wither and die.

The Recommended Time to Do Soil

Based on experts’ advice, it is suggested to aerate soil or lawn in cool season – the fall. Generally, the grass is actively growing in this season and weed germination is at the minimum.

Soil erosion might be fine to execute later in spring too yet it is highly suggested to make sure the soil compaction is truly existing. Moreover, you must see to it that weeds are already set but should not yet bear flowers and seeds.

Now you may ask, why not to have the aeration at spring instead? Well, the most accurate response for this inquiry would be that environment of weeds is favorable during this time and you’ll be helping them grow more if you will be doing soil aeration. Even so, this may also be according to the current situation of your soil. Although aeration of soil or lawn during the spring season is not the most recommended option, when you have a remarkable soil compaction and you see that the grasses are dying after you’ve done everything, then maybe aeration method has to be done.

Tools Used for Aerating Your Soil/Lawn

Machines, tools, or devices for aeration may appear in different types and manufacturers but to learn more about it, you have to conduct your own research. You can research some of it through your preferred search engine and visit the website to explore its contents. Yet, here are the most basic info. that you must put in mind: (1) go for effective and durable tools, (2) read the reviews from previous customers, and (3) choose items that easy to handle.

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