5 Signs You May Need a New Toilet

The toilet is one of the most used appliances in most homes. Heavy use, damage, and age can all lead to the need and desire to replace an older model with a new toilet. Below are five sure signs that it may be time to seel a replacement.

Flushing Problems

Pushing down on the handle does not always result in the toilet flushing properly. You can attempt adjustments of the water is filling to the proper level, which is roughly one-inch below the top of the overflow tube. It may end up being a blockage in the water line. This could require complete replacement.

Noticeable Leaks

One of the more notable leaks with a toilet is around the bottom wax ring. Constant leaking water will begin to do serious water damage to the bathroom floor. One good indicator of a leak is a soft and spongy floor or a loose toilet. There may be hairline cracks on other portions of the toilet. This problem demands a replacement as a solution.

Overflowing and Clogs

The frustration of unexpected clogs and cleaning up the mess of an overflow can leave you exasperated. A toilet might flush fine a few times, but suddenly act as if nothing will go down. Consistent bouts of weak flow and clogging might signal that this essential bathroom item needs a permanent rest. This may be the perfect time to replace the toilet.

Constant Running Water

Cracked floaters and water levels exceeding the overflow pipe can add up to a huge water bill. This will cause the toilet to run constantly. A poorly adjusted flapper is an easy fix, but anything more serious requires making the decision to keep the toilet you have or switch it out for a new one with zero problems.

Excessive Wear of Surface

Over the years the porcelain surface of a toilet will begin to thin. It will get easier for stains to remain and more difficult to keep looking clean. It can become embarrassing to have guests use your bathroom. Switching to a new toilet will allow the ability to keep is looking and feeling cleaner than ever before.

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